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There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies available plus the best known Stress Rescue Remedy & Night Rescue Remedy.  

Night Rescue Remedy is a combination of 6 Bach flowers in one. It consists of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum & White Chestnut.

Price is 30 ml. per bottle.
Import from England
Product of Hong Kong
LED Light pulsing device (Swiss made)

The light pulses devices are in the low-frequency range. They can correspond to the signals from the brain. There is no attempt to correct the frequencies of the brain. The pulses can support and complement signals from the brain and thus act to regulate bodily functions.

For the application the device is placed on the solar plexus, so that the pulsating light falls on the skin. The light can also penetrate through thin white fabric.

The LED light pulses device is a very handy device that can be used discreetly anywhere and at any time. Application for private user at home or while traveling, during the massage or as a support during other therapies. The operation with built-in battery lasts for up to 10 hours per charge.@

Light pulses on the solar plexus   
  • The solar plexus is a dense network of nerves in the upper abdomen. Control signals of organs, muscles and glands are connected and routed in the solar plexus.
  • Information can be induced to the nervous system with a pulsating light. This type of transmission is harmless and more effective than other methods.
  • The solar plexus nerve tissue is an ideal receiver for control signals. With light pulses, the signals of organs, muscles, glands, and brain are transmitted in a simple way.

RELAX blue light device
Blue Light Sleep Device

More Detail

More Detail
Light Frequency Induction device for calming, deep relaxation, anxiety, phobias, restlessness,,sleep disorders (sleep too much or insomnia) and emotional stress.
Light Frequency Induction of Blue light for sleep disorders (sleep too much & insomnia). Treatment duration: 35 min.
Wildcrafted Herbal Oil -RELAX
Night Rescue Bach Flower Remedy

More Detail

More Detail
German made Eosgetics herbal oil. To attain relaxation by massaging on acupuncture points and energy zones. Usage instruction leaflet is enclosed. 20ml
Night Rescue Remedy is a combination of 6 Bach flowers in one. It helps sleep disorders (insomnis), switches off those repetitive thoughts,worries & faulty regrets in daytime .
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