Color light therapy for brain 



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Color light therapy for Developmental Coordination Disorder, Dementia 

Memory loss generally occurs in dementia. However, memory loss alone doesn't mean you have dementia. Dementia indicates problems with at least two brain functions, such as memory loss and impaired judgment or language, and the inability to perform some daily activities such as paying bills or feeling lost.

Understanding the Brain Wave States:

Delta waves are between 1 and 4 Hz. This state is associated with slow wave sleep patterns in adults. It can point to sub-cortical lesions in the metabolic regions of the brain.

Theta waves is the frequency range from 4 Hz to 7 Hz. Observed in people who are having creative expression, artistic creativity, sexual arousal, and child like day dreaming. 

Alpha waves is the frequency range from 8 Hz to 12 Hz. Alpha waves have been recorded in deeply relaxed meditative states. 

Beta waves is the frequency range from 12 Hz to about 30 Hz. It is the dominant rhythm in patients who are alert or anxious or who have their eyes open and are participating and reacting to their environment. (Awake State)

Gamma waves is the frequency range approximately 30 Hz -100 Hz. Gamma rhythms are associated with mental concentration and work.


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Home use phototherapeutic treatment with 4 programs for the regulation of the brain activity. 

1. Active Brain - sharpen the intellect, increase alertness and brain activity. 

2. Learning - learning disabilities, impaired concentration, impaired vision and hearing loss, exam nerves, forgetfulness.

3. Remembering - improve the intellect. 

4. Blue Brain - Can clarify old structures in the brain and the subconsciousness. This can enable new structures. 



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