Body Sculpting: Musculoskeletal Balancing Therapy


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Body Sculpting in Naturopathic Therapy Choice

- Musculoskeletal Balancing Therapy

This Body Sculpting is commonly known as body carving in the beauty industry. The adjustment technique combines the essence of Chinese and Western therapy, as well as a special gentle massage technique to correct the whole body bones and adjust the problematic muscles. In the case of painlessness, It can quickly and effectively improve the imbalance of bone structure, not only "soothing pain", but also the effect of "body body shaping"; solving physical and psychological problems caused by physical discomfort and ugliness.
The goal of this therapy is to restore a health vertebral spine, adjusting the skewed bone and the problematic soft tissue, restoring the neurophysiological function, activating the innate self-healing power, and then restoring physical and mental health.
Different from the traditional concept of “pressing, massage, chiropractic”with lots of painful pulling or pressing , in fact, the adjustment process of body sculpting is a kind of enjoyment. Its  features are:

It is not painful at all 

Non-surgical, non-invasive

On the spot, results are effective

safe, no side effects

  • Improvement of Hunchback, scoliosis
  • Improve sagging abdomen
  • Improve neck, chest, lower back pain
  • Improve body posture, even length of legs
  • Improve postpartum pelvic pain 
  • Firming breasts and hips, slim waist


Body Sculpting Therapy+ Rehab instructions

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One session of Body Sculpting,1.5 - 2 hours. NO pain ,Non-surgical, non-invasive,On the spot, results are effective.
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Water violet (30 ml)

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