Esogetic medicine:Colorpuncture


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Colorpuncture Therapy treats the energy points of the body.

Non-invasive ! No pain with much gain!  

(MOLIMED color light therapy device)

Anyone can benefit from color light treatment.

Light is the medium of life and a powerful yet gentle agent for healing. If you are ill and suspect that your bodily symptoms may be related to old traumas or unresolved emotional issues, or to your confusion or lack of direction in life, Colorpuncture can help you access and heal the roots of your problems.

Healthy people, who want to help prevent illness by clearing energetic blockages before they impact the body, as well as those who want access to soul information needed to move more easily on their life paths will find Colorpuncture treatments given by a trained Colorpuncture therapist to be an invaluable assistance.

Consultation with Colorpuncture treatments:

1. Colorfacial treatment ( 30 min) : HK$600

2. Body and mind treatment 60 min) : HK$ 1200

* Call (852) 9835 7265 for booking!


Oak (30 ml)

Room B Ritz Plaza 10/F., 122 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Enquiry Tel. (852) 37281278 / 98357265

Order Pick-up by appointment, Tel #/Whatsapp/WeChat: +852 98357265 / 93701895



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