Color Light Therapy System


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A non-invasive way to treat bodily pain, injury and imbalance of energy with Color Light Therapy!
LED color light therapy system

In this color light electric torch, the three base-colors RED, GREEN and BLUE are generated with three LEDs.
Most of the color-shapes in the visible spectrum can be generated by change of the brightness of the three base-colors.

Color scan mode

Colors are changing automatically with the color-scan function. If the desired color appears, the scan can be stopped with the START/STOP button. Continue the color-scan by clicking the START/STOP button again.

8 colors LED Colorlight Torch

Product code#: CS 17

8 colors light sequence is predefined: 

red - orange - yellow - green - turquoise - blue - purple - pink


12 Colors LED Colorlight Torch

Product Code#:CS 27

The 12 colors sequence is predefined in the color light systems: 

red - orange -yellow  - green - turquoise - blue - purple - light turquoise - light-green - Crimson - rosy pink - red+ near infrared NIR 950nm.


18 Colors LED Color Light Torch

Product code#: CS 54

18 colors light  sequence is predefined:

red - orange - yellow - green - turquoise - blue - purple-  light turquoise - light green - crimson - pink - light-grey - middle-grey - dark-grey -white - (Near infrared 950nm + red) - ultraviolet UVA370nm - Near infrared NIR950nm.



After pressing the button NEXT COLOR or PREV COLOR the next or previous default color is shown. This allows a faster selection of the desired color. NEXT COLOR and PREV COLOR are enabled in both color sequences.

  • Automatic color light scan
  • Manual interrupt of the color scan
  • Manual jump to the next or previous color
  • Preset colors for color-puncture /color light therapies
  • Clean colors in the visible spectrum
  • Makes mixed colors
  • Handy device for professional use
  • Accessories compatible to the MOLIMEDpen color light system


Gentian (30 ml)

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