Pyschosomatic Disorder


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      When our body is overburdened by such things as toxicity, stress, inefficient elimination, negative thoughts and emotions, inherited patterns, poor diet and nutritional deficiency, natural therapies can identify and treat the underlying cause of disease, boost vitality and work with the healing power of nature to re-establish health and well-being.  

     The principles of the holistic health, encourage our health, well-being and evolution on a physical, mental emotional and spiritual level so that we may live a fulfilling and purposeful life.  The Basics concepts:

  • Respect the Laws of Nature
  • Above All, Do No Harm 
  • Treat the Cause
  • Promote Vitality
  • Treat the Whole Person

Fatigue syndrome is a common condition in cosmopolitan, symptoms may include serious fatigue, back sore and pain, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, headache, insomnia, poor concentration, etc.

How to improve your immune system?  What helps to release anxiety and restlessness?

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Eosegetic Crystal Activator (transparent)

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