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 Light Frequency Induction Device

Pulsing light, using a series of frequencies that resonate with natural body frequencies, was discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier. Pulsing light simply means a frequency has been added to the color light. With an added frequency, the LED pulses the color light. The added frequency offers additional healing qualities.

Rhythms of Life: Our conscious and subconscious life take place within four frequency ranges

  1. Wakefulness, concentration, alertness, fear: beta rhythm 14 - 30 Hz
  2. Relaxation, state of rest, sleepiness: alpha rhythm 7,5 - 13,5 Hz
  3. Light sleep and deep meditation: theta rhythm 4 - 7 Hz. This state supports memory, creativity and intuition.
  4. Deep sleep: delta rhythm 0,5 - 3,5 Hz. Regeneration, important for a healthy immune system and all healing processes.


Position of the solar plexus is about 4-finger width above the belly button.

The device is placed on the skin above the solar plexus.

The LED Light Frequency Induction devices are of the low-frequency range. They can correspond to the signals from the brain. There is no attempt to correct the frequencies of the brain. The pulses can support and complement signals from the brain and thus act to regulate bodily functions.

  • The solar plexus is a dense network of nerves in the upper abdomen. Control signals of organs, muscles and glands are connected and routed in the solar plexus.
  • Information can be induced to the nervous system with a pulsating light. This type of transmission is harmless and more effective than other methods.
  • The solar plexus nerve tissue is an ideal receiver for control signals. With light pulses, the signals of organs, muscles, glands, and brain are transmitted in a simple way.

Here are the 4 models of the Light Frequency Induction Device for choosing:

P20 relax

Four programs for relaxation.
1. Calming - apply for restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, phobias.
2. Sleep - apply for insomnia
3. Children calming - apply for childhood fears, phobias, lymphatic diathesis, learning difficulties, hyper kinetic syndrome.
4. Nirvana - This program can bring deep relaxation.

P30 stress

Four programs for stressful situations.
1. Nirvana - This program can bring deep relaxation.
2. Boost immune system - for stressful situation that attack the immune system.
3. Endocrine regulation - Apply for stress disorders of the glands function.
4. Headache / migraine - Helpful in stabbing pain that is caused by stress situations.

P40 depression

Four programs for depressions of different causes.
1. Depression / fatigue - for depressions with fear, tiredness, listlessness, fatigue, convalescence.
2. Depression / fear - for manic phase of depression.
3. Depression / hormonal - Apply in menopausal depression, menstrual depression, adolescent depression.
4. Sunny Day - Apply to mood swings.

P50 brain

Four programs for the regulation of the brain activity.
1. Active Brain - sharpen the intellect, increase alertness and brain activity.
2. Learning - learning disabilities, impaired concentration, impaired vision and hearing loss, exam nerves, forgetfulness.
3. Remembering - improve the intellect.
4. Blue Brain - Can dissolve old structures in the brain and the subconscious. This can enable new structures. 

Wild Rose Pampering Body Oil (100 ml)

Gorse (30 ml)

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