Infra-red Light Therapy (RIU) for Pain Management


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A non-invasive way to treat bodily pain, chronical pain, injury and imbalance of energy with Infrared light therapy


            Frozen shoulders                       Neck and shoulder pain


      Carpal tunnel syndome                Neck and back pain

The Red Light Therapy for frozen shoulders, stiff neck, carpal tunnel syndome etc. a non-invasive pain management

Light in the red and near-infrared part of the spectrum penetrate deeply into tissue, stimulating cell growth.  Color light has bio-stimulative effects: when applied to the skin, it stimulates light-sensitive intra-cellular structures and molecules. This initiates cellular chain reactions and triggers so-called secondary responses, which are not only limited to the treated skin area.

LED (light-emitting diode) therapy causes cells to increase their DNA and RNA activity by triggering an increase in the production of ATP, which is energy for the cell to use. Healthy cells do not benefit from this treatment; it only affects injured or diseased cells. LEDs are just as effective as lasers in stimulating healing.

Water and blood do not block red and near-infrared light waves as they do other wavelengths. Studies revealed that when exposed to LED light at red therapeutic settings, skin cells grow 150% to 200% faster than when treated by other parts of the spectrum. 

Red + Near Infra-red light (950 nm) Therapy Benefits

  • relievers acute & chronic pain
  • increases the speed,quality & tensile strength of tissue repair
  • enhances blood circulation
  • stimulates immune system
  • stimulates & improves nerve function
  • develops collagen & muscle tissue
  • helps generate new, healthy cells & tissue


LED RIU (Red+ IR+UV)  Light Therapy Device (Swiss made)
Product Code#:RIU30

RIU light box has a radiation surface area of approx.10cm x 6 cm. can be used to sooth painful parts of the body, relax itchy skin.

The red light promotes blood circulation, wound healing and can relieve pain. Infrared light can relieve pain and promote wound healing. Combined with red light, the efficiency of the application is considerably increased.

Ultraviolet light and eczema therapy is an effective treatment for moderate to severe eczema.

The red, infrared and ultraviolet light can be used individually or in combination.

Foot shower: Radiate red light on sole and foot (5 minutes on both feet with RIU devices)

    (RIU device)

Nasal Reliever with Red light and Infra-red light Photo-modulation of 3 minutes treatment.


***** RIU 30 (Swiss made)

ANTI-STRESS Light Therapy Device

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