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7 Rainbow Color Light ~To RELAX, BALANCE & ENERGIZE
(1) 7 color light facial mask 
This treatment takes 15 minutes. Give you a radiant face lift right away.
(Diagram is extracted from Dr Fausto Pagnamenta's "Pain and Color")
(2) Eye Shower with 7 Color light
This treatment takes 7-10 minutes to relax your eyes and improves better eyesight and more. Radiate along the edge of the bones in a sequence: #1 red - #2 orange - #3 yellow - #4 green - #5 turquoise - #6 blue - #7 purple (each color light radiates 10-20 seconds).
(Diagram is extracted from Dr Fausto  *Treatment starts with red light at the corner of 
Pagnamenta's "Pain and Color")                   the eye which is near the nose bridge.


Before                                                             After treatments for three days


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