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7 Rainbow Color Light ~To RELAX, BALANCE & ENERGIZE
(1) 7 color light facial mask 
This treatment takes 15 minutes. Give you a radiant face lift right away.
(Diagram is extracted from Dr Fausto Pagnamenta's "Pain and Color")
(2) Eye Shower with 7 Color light
This treatment takes 7-10 minutes to relax your eyes and improves better eyesight and more. Radiate along the edge of the bones in a sequence: #1 red - #2 orange - #3 yellow - #4 green - #5 turquoise - #6 blue - #7 purple (each color light radiates 10-20 seconds).
(Diagram is extracted from Dr Fausto  *Treatment starts with red light at the corner of 
Pagnamenta's "Pain and Color")                   the eye which is near the nose bridge.


Before                                                             After treatments for three days


Acupoint Colorlight Therapy Seminar: anti-stress

Centaury (30 ml)

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