Color light for cough relief


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Color light Therapy for Cough Relief

1) Yuji (LU-10) is an important point for acute symptoms caused by phlegm-fire in the lungs. Indications include acute inflammation of the throat, hoarse voice, tonsillitis, pharyngitis,bronchitis, pneumonia,cough with chest pain,yellow and sticky sputum. Radiate red light for 1 min.

2) He Gu (LI-4)  this point radiate with red light for treatment of cough and asthma. Radiate red light for 1 min.

 3)  Chize (LU - 5) is a point for dry cough and blood phlegm. Radiate red light for 1 min.

4) Lung's converted point is bilaterally located 2 fingers away from the 3rd thoracic bone. Apply red light on these two points enhance the energy of Qi flowing from lung meridian to urine bladder meridian. Treatment helps clearing phlegm from respiratory systems, and diseases of lungs.

5) Midway of the sternum CV-17 (radiate purple light)     6) Tip of the sternum CV-22 (radiate yellow light)


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