Eczema UV Light Therapy


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Ultraviolet (UVA) Eczema Light Therapy

Eczema light therapy refers to the use of ultraviolet (UV) light to treat the skin rash and itching of eczema. Exposing the skin to UV light suppresses overactive skin immune system cells that cause inflammation. 

"Natural sunlight can help symptoms of eczema, but artificially produced UV light is best for eczema treatment because it can be controlled and given under supervision," says Elizabeth Page, MD, a dermatologist at the Lahey Clinic and an instructor in dermatology at Harvard Medical School in Boston. (source:

BIU (Blue, Near-infrared 950 nm, UVA 370nm), 24 LEDs light Box


RIU (Red+ IR950nm+UV360nm) 24 LEDs Light Box
Product Code#:RIU2018

RIU light box has a radiation surface area of approx.10cm x 6 cm. can be used to sooth painful parts of the body, relax itchy skin.

The red light promotes blood circulation, wound healing and can relieve pain. Infrared light can relieve pain and promote wound healing. Combined with red light, the efficiency of the application is considerably increased.

Ultraviolet light and eczema therapy is an effective treatment for moderate to severe eczema.

The red, infrared and ultraviolet light can be used individually or in combination.

"Biologists have found that cells exposed to near-infrared light from LEDs, which is energy just outside the visible range, grow 150 to 200 percent faster than cells not stimulated by such light. The light arrays increase energy inside cells that speed up the healing process. " (source: NASA News dated November 13, 2003)

(source of photo:NASA-LED Red light therapy device)

Hornbeam (30 ml)

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