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NadaChair (USA) Back support belt

The most effective back support system available

Instant back comfort is as easy as gentle forward pull on handy adjustment straps. The relief you feel comes from placement of solid support on the lumbar spine just where you need it. Chairs cannot provide this level of support to the lumbar spine.

The ergo-dynamic support for the back

Whereas the sitting supports provide their benefit in a passive way, the Back-up belt is unique in the manner it provides dynamic and proactive support.

The Back-up belt is adjustable and portable

It is liked a chair that you wear and adjust it fit a smaller built body as well as a very large one.

Additionally, this adjustability allows the belt to conform to your many sitting positions whether on the floor, cross-legged sitting. 

The NadaChair Back-up can be used as a meditation tool for improving posture while sitting cross-legged for meditation or yoga practices.

"One of the most comfortable means of sitting I have experienced."

                                             Arthur White, Orthopedic surgeon in USA

This ergonomic back support back support belt can also help with woman suffering lower back pain from pregnancy and people who in recovery of a spinal surgery.



Why and how to use the Back-Up by Nada Chair:


Colloidal Silver (Travel size,59 ml)

Heather (30 ml)

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